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What is the IQNet Academy Portal?
The IQNet Academy Portal is a source of information about the QMS Auditor trainings being offered by IQNet Academy Training Providers in select countries worldwide.  IQNet Academy is also a comprehensive portal of individuals who completed an IQNet Academy Training.
What are the benefits of taking a course through the IQNet Academy? 
The training course content and provision process is harmonized within the IQNet network.
Once an individual completed a training from any one of the IQNet Academy Training Providers, the certificate will be recognized by the rest of the Training Providers in the Academy.  This is based on the multilateral agreement signed by the Academy Partners.
How does the IQNet Academy maintain the quality of its courses, practices of its Training Providers?
IQNet Academy has established rules on course approvals and minimum technical specifications.  Training Providers are being assessed periodically through the peer evaluation system, this oversight activity is conducted to ensure that the Training Provider consistently complies with the rules established by the Academy. 
How do I sign up for the courses?
In the IQNet Academy Portal, proceed to the Training page and click on the specific QMS training that you want to join.  It will lead you to a page where you can find the basic requirements of the course and the Training Providers who will be conducting this training in specific locations.
The training school in my country does not offer the course that I would like to join, is it possible to get training from other IQNet Academy Training Providers?
Ideally, students should take the training course in their respective countries.  Lectures are being conducted in the national language of a specific country, and IQNet Academy or the training providers will not bear any expenses related to students’ travel, accommodation, and other related costs. 
The IQNet Academy Training Provider is offering a course/training which is not included in the IQNet Academy Portal, will that course also be recognized by the Academy?
When publicized, IQNet Academy training courses are clearly differentiated through the use of the IQNet Academy logo or a related reference. Additionally, the recognized courses/trainings will be published in the IQNet Academy portal, as a clear evidence of recognition by the Academy and its Training Providers worldwide.  Nevertheless, please be aware that some delay may occur when updating training provider’s information to the portal.
How long and how often the courses are being offered?
Please contact the Training Provider which offers the course that you want to take. 
Is there an online version of these trainings?
Please contact the Training Provider which offers the course that you want to take. 
I have a question about the course being offered by an IQNet Academy Training Provider, who can I ask for assistance?
Interested individuals/organizations are advised to contact the IQNet Academy Training Provider who offers that course.  Complaints should also be sent to the involved IQNet Academy Training Provider. In case you consider that your complaint was not adequately addressed by the involved Training provider you may contact IQNet through academy@iqnet.ch . You should also use that channel in case of any question, suggestion or complaint directly related to the IQNet Academy Portal.