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I completed several courses/trainings under IQNet Academy, Is it possible to make this appear on my banner page?
To maintain the clean look of the page, only the recently completed IQNet Academy training will appear on your banner profile.  If you want the previously completed IQNet Academy training to be included, you may simply edit your profile and add it under OTHER INFORMATION section.
I accidentally deleted some information in my profile, can I ask the IQNet Academy to retrieve it for me?
No, the Registered Professional has the sole responsibility on the contents including the posterity of the information being uploaded on his/her profile.  Professionals are highly recommended to save their own file in their personal computers. 
I was a Registered Professional in the IQNet Academy Portal, but my account was disabled, what could be the reason/s?
IQNet Academy has the right to check and control the contents of the website, including the Professionals registered under the portal.  IQNet Academy may disable or cancel an account which posts false, unrelated, offensive or malicious information, or damaging contents to any individuals, organizations, including to the IQNet Academy.
Until when my name will be under the list of Registered Professionals?
Registered Professionals who comply with the established rules will remain in the IQNet Academy list.  To make the IQNet Academy a reliable portal of Auditor information, Registered Professionals are encouraged to update their respective profiles regularly.
Can IQNet Academy control the types of messages I want to receive in my email?
IQNet is not responsible on emails from individuals or organizations outside the Academy.  Once the Professional allowed his/her name and additional information to appear in the list of Registered Professionals, he/she is aware of the benefits and risks involved on making his/her profile active in the Portal.