Certificate Course for Business Process Management Partner/IQNet
  • Quality and process management: The participants know the basics of quality and process management. They know about the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015
  • Project Management with a focus on system design: The participants know the basics of project management in terms of QM and know procedures and tools for analyzing the general situation and the difference in relation to the respective standard
  • Management system according to ISO 9001 and internal audit: The participants know the requirements in terms of process orientation. They can create their own process landscape, and can  identify the relevant processes. They know the efficient way to successfully carry out internal audits
  • KPI and process indicators / Management Review: The participants know the different types of KPIs and how they are used. They know the value of a smart management review
  • Strategic management for SME: The participants can use proven and practice-oriented tools for systematic strategy development and strategy implementation
  • Process-oriented integration of sustainability topics. The participants know about the importance of the aspects EM / OHS / KM / RM.
Previous skills/knowledge:
  • Several years of professional experience in technical, commercial or business management fields
  • Interest in business contexts and topics of organizational development
  • Practical relevance: Participants should already have had an insight into companies and have the opportunity to gain insight into the documentation and systems of the various functions and departments
  • Participants who can not demonstrate the above-mentioned possibilities of practical relevance at the time of the course may apply for cooperation with a participant with practical relevance.
Authorized Partners:

Teaching requirements: Trainer to be qualified ISO 9001/QMS Lead Auditor
Objectives to achieve: The participants will be empowered to play a decisive role in the long-term competitiveness of a company.  The participants
  • know the common models of quality and process management systems
  • know how to implement the topic of quality and process management in companies and organizations in the context of project management
  • have developed their competencies in the field of building a management system
  • are able to conduct internal audits and identify potential for improvement
  • learn about the relevant aspects of efficient and effective leadership processes at strategic and operational levels
  • can take over the responsibility of the process-oriented quality management system in their company.
Authorized Partners: