Circular Globe Transformation Coach Representative/IQNET

The Course empowers "Transformation Coaches" to develop, launch and successfully implement circular economy projects in their organizations.


Previous skills/knowledge:
  • The certificate course "Circular Globe Transformation Coach" is aimed at entrepreneurs, decision-makers and transformers with the willingness to change and the courage to innovate, who want to want to actively shape and steer the path towards the circular economy in their own organization.
  • Several years of professional experience in technical, commercial or business management fields of activity.
  • Interest in business and scientific contexts and topics of organizational development and recycling management and the circular economy.
  • Participants should already have had an insight into organizations and have had the opportunity to gain an in-depth insight into the company's activities - in relation to the various functions and systems.
Authorized Partners:
Authorized Partners:
Teaching requirements: - Trainers to be qualified based on introductory trainings held by the Representative Circular Globe product responsible or already qualified Trainers; - Qualified as Assessor for the CGA Scheme; experience in the implementation & Managing of circular Eco
Objectives to achieve:

Graduates of this training are able to develop circular economy concepts in the organisation. They understand the assigned tasks for implementation, master the necessary project steps and know best practice examples to compare their approaches. The systematic approaches that underlie such change projects are well known to graduates. They are able to actively accompany and steer transformation processes. Participants benefit from the fact that the lecturers have a great deal of experience in their respective specialist areas and are successfully active in the Representative seminars. They work out the framework for the relevant topics and put them into practice with the help of numerous practical exercises. With introductory presentations, teaching talks, moderated and guided discussions as well as stimulating visualization methods, the learning content is actively conveyed.

Knowledge and skills to:

  • Develop a circular economy within the respective organisation
  • Understand the necessary tasks and project steps to plan and implement this
  • Gain insight into best practice examples
  • Systemic approach to change management
Authorized Partners: