Crisis management for SMEs
  • Identify the crisis situations and the necessary actions to ensure recovery from a crisis.
  • Understand how to address the main elements for an effective crisis management capacity.
  • Acquire the knowledge to lead and to take strategic effective decisions in crisis.
Previous skills/knowledge:
  • Demonstrable knowledge of ISO 9001:2015 or quality management systems
  • Professional experience, in quality management systems and risk management
Authorized Partners:

Teaching requirements: Trainer to have quality management systems’ teaching experience of minimum 2 years. Trainer to have professional experience in quality management systems and risk management in a teaching or auditor position. The course shall include both theoretica.
Objectives to achieve:
  • Understand the main elements of a crisis and how they can affect a small or medium organization.
  • Acquire knowledge of the most relevant aspects for the construction and strengthening of organizational capacities that allow small and medium-sized companies to manage the crisis and better respond to it.
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