Food Safety School
Description: Competences include
  • Ability to generate Food Safety Management documents
  • Ability to identify processes, to create a process model, to monitor and control processes
  • Ability to address risks and opportunities
  • Ability to understand the basic requirements of GFSI recognices standards
  • Ability to determine requirements (e.g. from customers, legal requirements, internal requirements)
  • Ability to plan inspection activities and sampling
  • Ability to plan and conduct an internal audit and write the audit report and identify activities for improvement
  • Ability to apply basic food safety management methods
Previous skills/knowledge: Basic knowledge of food safety management and its methods and tools (targeted at operational staff, top managers, group leaders and department managers from all food safety areas areas)
Authorized Partners:

Teaching requirements: Trainer work experience in the area of food safety management system
Objectives to achieve: To get the necessary knowledge and skills to:
  • To be able to apply the most important methods and tools in the area Food Safety Management
  • To be able to understand the basic normative requirements of Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) recognices standards
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