Integrated MS Lead Auditor
Description: Competences include:
  • To collect and analyze enough evidences (e.g. through interview, observation and sampling of documenta-tion) to determine the integrated audit findings and define the audit conclusions
  • To document the integrated audit findings
  • To interchange information with the rest of the members of the integrated audit team and with the audi-tee personnel
  • To prepare of the integrated audit plan
  • To represent of the integrated audit team before the customer
  • To give instructions to the integrated audit team
  • To inform of any relevant obstacle identify during the integrated audit process
  • To be responsible of all the integrated audit steps
  • To present the integrated audit report
  • To follow up and close the audit process.
Previous skills/knowledge:
Demonstrable knowledge of the requirements of the involved standards: ISO 9001:2015, ISO14001:2015 and ISO45001:2018.
Authorized Partners:

Teaching requirements: Trainer must have experience as a first or second or third party auditor in the quality management system, in the environmental management sys-tem and in the occupational health and safety system and / or teaching experience of integrated systems min 1 yr
Objectives to achieve:
To get the necessary knowledge and skills to:
  • The integration of management systems in the light of an audit process
  • The integrated audit process, based on the guidelines established by ISO 19011, that allows the organization to make reliable decisions related to the continuous improvement of its integrated management system.
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