SA8000 Internal Auditor
  • To evaluate the definition and effective implementation of a Social Responsibility management system complying with the requirements of SA8000;
  • To follow the instructions of the internal lead auditor and support him (if integrated in an internal audit team);
  • To be able to calculate Basic Needs Wage and Living Wage;
  • To be able to conduct stakeholders consultation;
  • To be able to conduct employees (non-management) interviews;
  • To be able to perform and review Social Fingerprint Self-Assessment;
  • To collect and analyze enough evidences (e.g. through site visit, employee individual and group interviews, management interviews, photo reporting, observation and sampling of documentation) to determine the audit findings and define the audit conclusions;
  • To document the internal audit findings;
  • To collaborate in drafting the internal audit report;
  • To interchange information with the rest of the members of the internal audit team and with the auditee personnel.
Previous skills/knowledge: Professional experience, including related to QMS/EMS (or other international standard based) management systems (recommended).
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