IQNet SR10 Lead Auditor
Description: Competences detailed in IQNet SR10 Internal auditor MTS 020, plus

  • To participate in the selection of the audit team
  • To prepare the audit plan
  • To represent the audit team before the customer
  • To give instructions to the audit team
  • To inform any relevant obstacle identify during the audit process
  • To be responsible of all the audit steps
  • To present the audit report
  • To follow up and close the audit process.
Previous skills/knowledge:
  • To be qualified as a MS Auditor by an IQNet Ltd Representative
  • Preferably qualified in at least two of the following certification schemes: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OSHAS 18001, SA8000, EFQM or other management systems related to environmental management, legal issues, operational health and safety and safety issues or social accountability
Note: IQNet SR10 auditor candidates must comply with the SR10 Rulebook
Authorized Partners:

Teaching requirements: - Trainer to be a qualified SR10 trainer by IQNet; - Course to be developed in classroom (option A) or as a combina-tion of classroom (minimum 8 hours) and self-studying (option B); - Case studies and extensive practical examples to be included.
Objectives to achieve:
  • To provide the necessary knowledge on Social responsibility, and especially on, to be able to perform IQNet SR10 audits
  • To reach this main goal, other objectives include:
    • To understand the concept and scale of Social Responsibility
    • To know the main issues of Social Responsibility included in ISO 26000
    • To identify the different models and tools available in the market to deploy SR principles
    • To analyze the requirements of  SR 10 standard as model for the implementation of a Social Responsibility Management Systems
    • To evaluate the benefits derived from the implementation of the IQNet SR 10 standard
    • To know the IQNet SR 10 certification scheme and how to perform certification audits (IQNet SR 10 Rulebook) .
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