IQNet SR10 Management System
Description: After this course, participants should be able to:   
  • Understand the importance and principles of social responsibility
  • Understand and address the requirments of IQNet SR10 requirements
  • Be able to assume responsibilities in the definition, implementation, operation and monitoring of social responsibility management systems according to the requirmenets of IQNet SR10 specification
  • Understand of the implications of each of the components of a social responsibility management system according to the requirements of IQNet  SR10
  • Understand the relationship between IQNet SR10 and ISO 26000, as well as synergies with other sustainability related schemes (e.g. GRI, ISO 20121)
  • Be able to conduct IQNet SR10 gap analysis or self-assessment
  • Be able to conduct stakeholders need analysis and interviews.
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Teaching requirements: - Trainer to be an IQNet SR10 qualified auditor - The course shall include both theoretical and practical approach. Exhibition and practical workshops are advised.
Objectives to achieve:
  • Assist participants from all types of organizations that may need to apply a social responsibility principles to their operations and manage related schemes (e.g. IQNet SR10) requirements in a systematic way
  • Promote IQNet SR10 in the market (e.g. amongst MS consultants or potential clients)
  • Increase the awareness and competence of IQNet Ltd Representative own personnel.
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