ISO 39001 Lead Auditor
Description: Competences detailed in ISO 39001 RTS Internal auditor MTS 026, plus ( e.g. as required by ISO/IEC17021-7)

  • To participate in the selection of the audit team
  • To prepare the audit plan
  • To represent the audit team before the customer
  • To give instructions to the audit team
  • To inform of any relevant obstacle identified during the audit process
  • To be responsible of all the audit steps
  • To present the audit report
  • To follow up and close the audit process.
Previous skills/knowledge:
  • Demonstrable knowledge of ISO 39001 Road Traffic Safety management systems (RTS MS) requirements
  • Demonstrable evidence of participation in ISO 39001 audits (>1 audit recommended)
  • Professional experience, including in road traffic safety management systems (recommended).
Authorized Partners:

Teaching requirements: - Trainer to be a qualified ISO 39001 Road Traffic Safety Lead Auditor; - Course to be developed in classroom (at least 24 hours).
Objectives to achieve: Objectives detailed in ISO 39001 RTS internal auditor MTS 026, plus
  • To get the necessary knowledge and skills to:
    • Apply the proper interpretation of the standard in actual audit situations
    • Plan the audit
    • Carry out RTS management system audits
    • Define the responsibilities of the audit teamĀ“s members
    • Know the functions and attitudes that an auditor must follow
    • To effectively coordinate meetings with the audit team members and/or with auditee personnel
    • Identify and write non-conformities and other deviations and suggest ways in which the effectiveness of corrective action might be verified.
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