Frequently Asked Questions

The IQNet Academy Portal is a source of information about the QMS Auditor trainings being offered by IQNet Academy Training Providers in select countries worldwide.  IQNet Academy is also a comprehensive portal of individuals who completed an IQNet Academy Training.
The training course content and provision process is harmonized within the IQNet network.
Once an individual completed a training from any one of the IQNet Academy Training Providers, the certificate will be recognized by the rest of the Training Providers in the Academy.  This is based on the multilateral agreement signed by the Academy Partners.
IQNet Academy has established rules on course approvals and minimum technical specifications.  Training Providers are being assessed periodically through the peer evaluation system, this oversight activity is conducted to ensure that the Training Provider consistently complies with the rules established by the Academy.
In the IQNet Academy Portal, proceed to the Training page and click on the specific QMS training that you want to join.  It will lead you to a page where you can find the basic requirements of the course and the Training Providers who will be conducting this training in specific locations.
Ideally, students should take the training course in their respective countries.  Lectures are being conducted in the national language of a specific country, and IQNet Academy or the training providers will not bear any expenses related to students’ travel, accommodation, and other related costs.
When publicized, IQNet Academy training courses are clearly differentiated through the use of the IQNet Academy logo or a related reference. Additionally, the recognized courses/trainings will be published in the IQNet Academy portal, as a clear evidence of recognition by the Academy and its Training Providers worldwide.  Nevertheless, please be aware that some delay may occur when updating training provider’s information to the portal.
Please contact the Training Provider which offers the course that you want to take.
Please contact the Training Provider which offers the course that you want to take.
Interested individuals/organizations are advised to contact the IQNet Academy Training Provider who offers that course.  Complaints should also be sent to the involved IQNet Academy Training Provider. In case you consider that your complaint was not adequately addressed by the involved Training provider you may contact IQNet through academy@iqnet.ch . You should also use that channel in case of any question, suggestion or complaint directly related to the IQNet Academy Portal.
To maintain the clean look of the page, only the recently completed IQNet Academy training will appear on your banner profile.  If you want the previously completed IQNet Academy training to be included, you may simply edit your profile and add it under OTHER INFORMATION section.
No, the Registered Professional has the sole responsibility on the contents including the posterity of the information being uploaded on his/her profile.  Professionals are highly recommended to save their own file in their personal computers.
IQNet Academy has the right to check and control the contents of the website, including the Professionals registered under the portal.  IQNet Academy may disable or cancel an account which posts false, unrelated, offensive or malicious information, or damaging contents to any individuals, organizations, including to the IQNet Academy.
Registered Professionals who comply with the established rules will remain in the IQNet Academy list.  To make the IQNet Academy a reliable portal of Auditor information, Registered Professionals are encouraged to update their respective profiles regularly.
IQNet is not responsible on emails from individuals or organizations outside the Academy.  Once the Professional allowed his/her name and additional information to appear in the list of Registered Professionals, he/she is aware of the benefits and risks involved on making his/her profile active in the Portal.
Student must complete the course/training being offered by any one of the IQNet Academy Training Providers, as attested by the correspondent IQNet Academy Training certificate.
After receiving your IQNet Academy certificate, you will receive an email from the IQNet Academy Portal in due time.
Click the link that is provided in your email and enter the username which are given in the email, and your IQNet Academy certificate number as the password.
Once you are in, click the MY INFO button, from that page you may change your password, make necessary changes in your profile, and enable your registration.
Please check the spam folder of your email, security settings may have directed the Academy email to your spam folder.  Once found, categorize it as ‘Non-Spam’ to direct IQNet Academy emails to your inbox in the future.  Otherwise, you may contact your IQNet Academy Training Provider, or email academy@iqnet.ch for clarification/assistance.
In your MY INFO PAGE, under the Registration Status, make sure that the REGISTERED is enabled and click SAVE.  This will only save the changes that you have made in your profile but will not make your name visible on the list of Professionals in the portal.
Under the MY INFO page, go to the Registration Status part and enable the REGISTERED PROFESSIONAL button and click SAVE.
Students are strongly encouraged to use only one email address for the IQNet Academy account.
For account access concerns, you may email academy@iqnet.ch
IQNet’s official language is English.  Registered Professionals are obliged to write their profiles only in English.