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ISO 37001 Lead Auditor



INVESTIGATOR, LC WAIKIKI, ISTANBUL, TURKEY (11.2016 - PRESENT) - CONDUCTING INVESTIGATIONS IN THE FIELD OF BUYING (GARMENT), DESIGNING, SOURCING, PROCUREMENT AND LOGISTICS PROCESS WITH RISK DRIVEN PERSPECTIVE - EVALUATING FRAUD RISK OF PROCESSES BY USING RISK ASSESSMENT TOOLS AND PLANNING ACTIONS FOR FRAUD PREVENTION - SETTING ISO-37001 ANTI-BRIBERY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM AND CODE OF ETHICS - MANAGING ETHIC LINE INCLUDING SYSTEM IMPROVEMENTS - BUILDING RED FLAG SCENARIO ON ERP SYSTEMS AND ANALYZING DATA FOR FRAUD PREVENTION - DEVELOPING DRILL SCENARIO TO EVALUATE FRAUD RISK AND PREPARING ACTION PLAN - EXIMINING ACCOUNTING PROCESS TO RESOLVE 3RD PARTY CONFLICTS Auditor, Garanti BBVA, Istanbul, Turkey (07.2011-07.2016) - Several domestic audits of the Bank are performed as team member and mostly lead auditor - Conducting several investigation including the highest amount of loss detected fraud case at the bank history - Performing process and subsidiary audits being as lead auditor - Designing and maintaining fraud detection infrastructure of audit department which include legal responsibilities - Working as a member of central internal fraud team and implementing fraud scenario to detect fraud - Supervise BBVA audit alignment team for setting up audit infrastructure coherent with procedures of BBVA International like follow-up mechanism - Expertise in financial analysis by performing loan audits and reviewing several firms’ financials - Reviewing accounting process to evaluate compliance of law and procedure.

Other Information:

Experienced auditor with a proven history of working in the banking and retail sector. Skilled in Audit Processes, Fraud Prevention, Financial Accounting & Analyses, Agile/Scrum Methodology, Process Improvement, Problem Solving and Strategies. Highly analytical, result-oriented, risk-driven, adaptable and flexible. Lifelong learner and challenger. Interested in new technologies, business analysis, folklore, sports and nature.

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