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ISO 27001 Lead Auditor


Teacher European Business Factory (EBF Business School) Teacher Dates Employed Dec 2016 - Present Professor of the module of legal aspects of e-commerce of the Master Digital Marketing European School of Business of Galicia At Data Protection, S.L.P Digital lawyer Dates Employed Mar 2004 - Present DPO. Legal manager of the office at data protection. Digital lawyer specializing in information security management systems, e-commerce and technological law. ISO 27001. Specialist in regulatory compliance programs. Compliance officer. ISO 19601 Substitute teacher University of Santiago de Compostela Dates Employed Apr 2016 Digital Marketing Master of the USC Scholar in legal advice R Cable and Telecommunications

Other Information:

I'm not a COMMON lawyer, although sometimes carry a briefcase and tie. As soon as I finished my degree, I knew I wanted to specialize in the legal world of new technologies. At that time if you did not have a Palm you were dead, Yahoo was the most and we all used messenger. Since then, a Master in which my final work was chosen as the best of the promotion, several specialization courses (the world advances, the legislation changes and in new technologies there is always something new to learn), and a professional career that has fulfilled 15 years. Throughout these years I have also dedicated myself to TRAINING, because training is one of my greatest vocations. I like to talk - especially if it's something geek that I love - and the fact of being able to transmit my experience and knowledge is something that gives me a considerable return. Since 2001 I have participated more or less frequently in lectures, lectures and master classes both in the university and in the business world, and I am currently a professor at the European Business Factory (EBF). In the training area I have also developed a training program with an own agenda to understand the implications that data protection regulations have in most organizations, so that the work of the people in charge of managing it is somewhat more bearable . In general I am a curious and restless person, always looking for new professional challenges. I like to study and analyze the implications of new technologies in the world of Law and its special impact on the privacy of people.

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