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José Eduardo Marín Rodríguez

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IQNet ISO 9001:2015 Internal Auditor



Direct and coordinate, through subordinate engineers, the activities of the laboratory in the establishment of services: review and analyze reports, records and directives, and communicate with other engineers to obtain the necessary data to plan activities, such as new commitments, state of the art, work in progress and problems encountered. Assign or delegate responsibility for a specific job or functional activities and disseminate the policy to laboratory personnel. Provide work instructions, solve problems, prepare schedules and establish deadlines to ensure timely completion of work. Coordinate the activities of the department with the related activities of other departments to ensure efficiency and economy. Monitor and analyze costs and prepare the budget. Prepare reports and records on laboratory activities for administration. Evaluate current procedures and practices to achieve the objectives of the laboratory to develop and implement better procedures and practices. Authorize, promotion, dismissal or transfer of employees. Validity of calibration/testing methodologies per application requirements. Development and validation of mathematical algorithms/computational calculations. IM&TE selection per application requirements. Interpretation of measurement data. Root cause analysis of technical discrepancies/abnormalities

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