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Antonis Houliotis

Academy Courses Taken:

ISO 22000 Lead Auditor



Educational background - University of Sussex, Brighton, UK: BEng - Electrical and Electronic Engineering, MSc - Satellite Communications and Space Systems. Compliance Manager including Helath & safety, aviation security, hygiene, The hygiene system of A company according to HACCP principles, ISO22000:2018. run all incoming audits from the ISO certification organisations and government Hygiene Authorities. Perform the external hygiene audits to suppliers and contractors as well as the internal audits; develop Health & Safety system of a company according to the ISO45001. run all incoming audits from the ISO certification organisation, government audits. approved trainer for the Airside Driving Permit (AVOP program). arrange training sessions. Aviation Security program of a company according to the local and EU Civil Aviation organisation. security manager recognised by the Department for Transport of the UK, approved Security Manager and instructor by the Civil Aviation Authority of Cyprus. Manage complaints from customers such as international airlines, VIP customers and consumers. run investigation process and provide to the customers official reply. manage and run training sessions. Train the trainer certified.

Other Information:

Previous work experience Compliance manager Operations Manager Senior Flight Coordinator Trainer auditor

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