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Denise Antonella Flórez

Academy Courses Taken:

ISO 22000 Internal Auditor


REGULATORY, CERTIFICATION AND PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT / February 2020- February 2021 Madrid AENOR INTERNACIONAL, S.A.U. Agri-Food Sector and Industry. Detection of emerging Food Trends. Development of new regulations related to Sustainability and Food Responsibility. International projects. Legislation. Strategic Marketing. NEW PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT (NPD) / August 2019- February 2020 Segovia I+DEA (IMASDEA). CEREALTO SIRO FOODS, S.L.U. Detection of Consumer Trends. Support in product development, reformulation and labelling. Carrying out physicochemical analyses. Dealing with customers and suppliers requirements. Quality control. Regulatory affairs. Expert taster in sensory panels. QUALITY MANAGER / January 2017- September 2018 Oslo, Norway AKTIVE LOUNGE A.S. Follow-up and Management of HACCP in Hospitality field. Allergen control. Purchases. Sensorial Analysis (specialised tastings). TRAINNING PROGRAMS / September 2014- June 2016 Madrid - ARJÉ Formación S.L., TRITOMA- EDES S.L. - Teacher of Higher Education Courses in public centres and at Rey Juan Carlos University. Introduction to Nutrition, Bromatology and Food Hygiene. Environmental Awareness and Impact. - Nutritionist and science communicator Nutritional classes for stroke and heart attack patients. Dietary treatment for women with obesity. Organisation and presentation of seminars and awareness-raising workshops. - HYBRIS Social Development and Research Public Bilingual Secondary School "Las Encinas". Public subsidy project aimed to support low-income students. LABORATORY TECHNICIAN. / February 2014- June 2014 Madrid Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) - Institute of Food Science, Technology and Nutrition (ICTAN). Immunology, Metabolism and Nutrition Department. Sample collection and analysis for the procedure and control of results. University internship, 480h.

Other Information:

Non-conformist, empathic and resilient. Multidisciplinary professional profile. Strong communication and social skills. Great ability to handle stressful situations by defining productive and resolutive alternatives. I consider mistakes as an element that drives reflection and continuous improvement.

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